Fruits, vegetables, and whole grain foods are good for you, and the benefits of clean eating don’t end when you’re done eating. Going to the gym is also a good idea if you want to keep your body in shape. Of course, if you’re in the mood for some baked goods, that’s fine too. These days, it’s easy to find all sorts, from candy-coated cupcakes to pies to breads. But if you’re looking for some healthier options, consider taking the next step into the world of DC baked goods.

In the middle of the previous century, the people of the District of Columbia were strung out and stoned out on Easy Bake Ovens. And the first time that I ate a cookie, it was called a “Cannabis cookie.” The real name is “cannabis.” (The “C” is silent.) And the purpose of this blog is to educate and help the people of the District of Columbia to make the right choices.

This blog is about everything that is cannabis and all the places you can find it. It is a complete, all inclusive blog that does not catered to one particular type of cannabis lover. Instead, it caters to all types of cannabis lovers. Topics include:. Read more about a baked joint and let us know what you think.

Dusk had fallen on Wayfarer’s Road, and a chilly wind was blowing.  I tied my coat against the bites and scoured the woods for a hiding place for the evening.  At that moment the dark clouds above them, drawing the glow of the sky towards them like a great crowd around a gallows, roared and let out their own sudden and ferocious flash of light.  The elder tree caught the blow and immediately exploded, the old wood splintering into tiny shards like glass.  I walked over to the still burning pedestal to warm my cold bones to the flames, but was surprised to see the faces looking at me. Paganism!  Blasphemy! I exclaimed, as if only a confession could save me from the perverse machinations of these fugitive spirits. Get up! two cheerful voices called out from the fire. My eyebrow drew together. What kind of creature are you? I laughed because I’m going all in this time.  I heard the murmur of an argument as the image passed from one face to another, and I reached out to listen. He’s not used to dragging people into his stupid stories, one of them insisted.  He’s gonna turn us into elves, you know? Elves are cool and beautiful, replied the other elegantly, everyone knows that.  Let’s agree to disagree.  Single Image has regained control.  There, sir.  We are the magic potion masters of the Leaf Guild, the bakers of DK.  And you, stranger? A bard and an outlaw, I replied, intrigued. I deftly pull a roll from the leather pouch, a match glowing in my face as I pull at the sticky mush. Son of a bitch with a bad reputation.  Those who know me call me the Gentleman.  I bark at the goblin markets for my dinner and sing the praises of the treasures I find there. Great flash!  The storm threw me to the ground, I landed on my back and found little comfort in the familiar sight of a deer dancing among the stars.  With a shudder, I stood up and saw two beautiful celestial beings in bright white robes, covered with blue ivy, by the fire. Good thing we met, tramp, said one of them. The other nods: Because the road ahead is full of pitfalls. Our elven elixirs are very strong, continued the first. Our elemental ethers will help you in your odyssey, the other is ready. I barely had time to utter the words of thanks before they disappeared. A brown jug, a red bottle, a bag of blue fluff, and a giant yellow medallion stood in the place of the extinguished flame.  I put them each into a pocket of my own, lest thieves, attracted by these wonders, should seize this booty, and I continued on my way in the night. word-image-13941 No, Fritz! It’s a bad robot! It took a few days for the yellow locket to start vibrating and demanding my attention.  As I anxiously approached the Bozzamet maze, I discovered that the candy tasted like my favorite colors. An hour later my mind, awakened by arcane energies, had put the dragon crab to sleep, the path was covered and I found myself at the foot of Mount Charnel. word-image-13942-rotated DCBB Cotton Candy Here I felt the call of a cloudy blue cotton candy.  This fragrant treat tasted like the fairs of my youth, and thoughts of a better time revived me.  As the sylvan magic took over, I felt the stone slip from my hand.  The treacherous mountain was no longer an obstacle, but a fast climb.  The descent was pleasant, my feet touching the quiet valley. word-image-13943-rotated DCBB with caramel sauce on vanilla ice cream The moon has risen.  I did not have much time before the Wraith who inhabit this necropolis awoke.  My scary thoughts would lead them to me, as sure as blood to sharks.  In the rush, I took two big spoonfuls of caramel sauce.  It was pleasantly sweet, with a slight cannabis note.  Soon fatigue began to set in, my eyelids grew heavy until I fell into a deep dreamless sleep, until daylight dispelled the shadows in the valley.  After a good night’s sleep I was in a good mood to continue my walk. word-image-13944-rotated Burgers absolutely dipped in DCBB BBQ! On the plains of Oshanna, as I neared the end of my journey, I was attacked by Mad Vog.  With a growl of indignant rage, bloody fangs sprouted from a mass of fur and scars, the beast attacked, but my Quelsong broke his stroke.  He got a hold of my scent and didn’t stay dizzy for long.  I knew the story of a trader whose caravan had entered the bird’s territory, and who, thinking the animal mortally wounded, was surprised to find it in his room three weeks later, when a deadly fury drove it many miles inland to seek revenge.  My steel dagger ended the man’s story with a final blow.  I prepared the skewer for roasting and dipped the meat in the barbecue sauce.  The spiciness gives it a unique flavor and creates a strong bone in the body, as well as a clear and satisfied mood. I had the opportunity to ride a DC Baked Baker on the meet map a few weeks ago.  These adorable elves could do battle with Keebler for a variety of edibles, and they also have flowers and oil to vape on their menu.  Everything was made with a combination of high CBD canna buttermilk and indica concentrate, except the barbecue sauce – that was all oil.  Cotton candy is definitely my favorite, delicious and popular at events, but also when you eat a ridiculous amount at a time. But leave some room!  The Lord has heard that the elves are baking pies for Thanksgiving. You can find DC Baked Baker at and on Instagram.Hi All!  My name is  Liz  Schreiber, and I’m a full time Cannabis and CBD  cook,  baker and  cbd  enthusiast.  I love to help people make the best of their food and their medicine.  I do this by creating recipes that are healthy, delicious and  not  laced with unnecessary ingredients.  I’m on a mission to make the world a better place by bringing people together through food and medicine.. Read more about baked and wired menu and let us know what you think.

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