In the past, Conan O’Brien has been a bit of a lightweight when it comes to edibles, but he got a little high as guest Seth Rogen passed him a joint on his show last night. The pair were discussing the upcoming episode of The Goldbergs that involves a pot-smoking teenager, and Rogen offered his guest some. Conan took a few puffs and went a little bit crazy, as you can see in the clip.

On Thursday night, Conan O’Brien took a potentially controversial step, smoking a joint on-air with actor Seth Rogen, aka  Seth Rogan.

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In a new episode of Conan coming out on the 22nd. In June, Conan O’Brien welcomed guest Seth Rogen to his show, which led to a few surprises during a dark confrontation. At Rogen’s request, O’Brien did the unthinkable: he took a dose of cannabis from a joint while his episode aired on TV. O’Brien’s final episode airs today, the 24th. June, broadcast. As the Wall Street Journal reports, O’Brien’s late-night show is ending after 28 years and 4,368 episodes over several decades.

O’Brien has become looser and takes risks in his show because there are fewer shareholders to satisfy. Since O’Brien is finishing up the last few episodes of Conan and will soon have more free time, he asked Rogen for some tips on how to pass the time. Rogen, of course, pulled a joint out of his pocket and handed it to O’Brien. Rogen rarely goes far without a joint for emergencies – and it came in handy during his performance on the late-night show.

Conan O’Brien Segment

Then the episode got interesting, and an unplanned charade unfolded before the audience’s eyes. I think you should take a dose of this herb, Rogen said without hesitation. And I think you’re gonna have a great time. O’Brien then replied: Do you have a lamp?

Rogen handed over the joint and lighter, but O’Brien didn’t know which end of the joint to light and admitted that his experience with cannabis was extremely limited. Then he went on a rampage – a little clumsy, but deliberate.

When will what have to be done? O’Brien asked, then joked: I leave on the school bus in an hour. Some commentators have noted that the talk show host has suddenly become self-critical, whereas he normally lets an episode pass. O’Brien tried to move on to the next part of the interview, but Rogen was too excited to hold back. I’m so happy about what just happened, Rogen said.

O’Brien’s loyal assistant and co-host Andy Richter also joined the panel during the episode’s broadcast. The evening did not go as well as the audience expected.

Here’s the deal: According to Rogen, the stunt wasn’t really planned, and he said on Twitter that he was afraid O’Brien would land too high. Rogen called the event surreal.

Something about this scenario feels familiar, and we’ve all seen this episode before. This fiasco follows a sensational episode of The Joe Rogan Experience, in which Rogan convinced Elon Musk to smoke fog. No one expected the contender for the title of richest man in the world to smoke in front of the camera. Sometimes talk shows stray into unexpected territory, and we’re grateful for that.

Watch the final episode today with O’Brien in tears – this could be your last chance to see Coco do what he loves best. O’Brien also plans to leave with a bang. His final guest should be Jack Black, who performs tonight. There may be more, as the presenter has named surprise guests in his recent shows.

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