This is the 112th installment of the Urbn Leaf, a periodic update for my subscribers. You can subscribe to my mailing list on the blog page by visiting this link: To keep up with all of my latest updates, check out my Facebook page here: >> In this edition of the Urbn Leaf: * A new strain is in the lab! * Cannaclub gets a makeover * Cannabis collectibles on the way * What’s on my desk? * Steemit update * F.Y.I.

“It’s cold out, can you feel it? Canndescent is on it this time as we talk the weather, the chill in the air, and the next big move. We give you the pipe you need to get through and back to fall. We’re on the hash of the night this time, with some talk on the nugs, the coffee, and the beef jerky. If you can’t handle the heat, stay off the H, and enjoy the fall weather with us. Cheers!

I decided that while we were stuck in the snow, I could reminisce about my week sleeping on the beach in sunny San Diego and the beautiful colors of Candlestick that I enjoyed while reading the Rick and Morty comics. They’re perfect if you need a refresher while you wait for season 4, but they’re brand new stories and they’re hilarious. But I’m distracted! There are TWO dispensaries in the Ocean Beach area – Urbn Leaf and Golden State Greens. I’ve been to both and I have to put the Golden State Greens slightly ahead of them in the way they manage their lines. At GSG you sit and wait for your assigned person, whereas at Urbn Leaf you have to stand in line the whole time. On the other hand, Urbne Leaf has a bus that goes to the beach, so it’s damn hard to call here. Anyway, I noticed that both dispensaries had both homegrown flowers and branded flowers like Flow Kana or the Marley Natural line. For your information: A brand name does not necessarily mean a quality interior, but in the case of Canndescent, it certainly does. YOUR LOCAL CBD SHOP! The eighth costs $60 at UrbnLeaf, a little more than I paid for premium flowers at Golden State Greens, and it comes in a fancy box with matches, hemp, twisted paper and lace. In my files was an encouraging quote from LL Cool J saying to keep trying or something, and before that a message from the Canndescent executives. It’s great that they are willing to give their real name to support their product. I assume they are real people, maybe they are anagrams of fallen angels bound by Rosicrucians with Enochian sigils to grow their amazing virgin cannabis, I won’t bother to check. That’s not what people report on their LinkedIn. word-image-18775 word-image-18776 This is typically the kind of exercise I look for, but Calm explained that it nourishes the body and allows you to enjoy the peace, quiet and solitude to reflect and nourish a busy life. Just the thing for a gentleman on vacation who wants to be bored mainly by playing HAIM’s remix of Tame Impala’s Cause I’m a Man and repeating it before the neighbors start complaining. Mmm, this is quality candy. However, Calm #112 from Canndescent met all my expectations for a true California herb. The smell was incredible, too sweet with strong floral notes. The dense, funnel-shaped cones were perfectly dried, still fresh in the pot, and fell apart easily, leaving a little sticky resin on my fingers. And the eight had a few thick buttons, which I would like to see for this price. word-image-18777 word-image-18778 I’m still recovering from the flight. The first few times I smoked Calm # 112, a couple packs in my little travel bong put me to sleep within an hour. I was able to test it more after that, but it’s a serious clue. As my muscles relaxed, so did my psyche. A cup and a half brings the necessary calm to anxious thoughts and softens the gaze without clouding the mind. It was perfect for watching the sunrise until more so-called terrible people came onto the beach to ruin my quiet solitude, and then again in the evening to listen to the waves before bed. Smoking Canndescent has been a real pleasure. If I have time, they sell a 5-pack with an eighth of each effect class, but I’ll wait for that on my next trip. You can follow them on Instagram for more great photos and information about their products. And don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter – I’m hosting another contest for my subscribers on Friday, yay!

Frequently Asked Questions

What strain is Canndescent charge?

Canndescent Calm is a sativa-dominant hybrid that’s designed for both medicinal use and edible consumption. This strain has a medium-to-high sativa potency, making it ideal for treating conditions like chronic pain, anxiety, depression, and insomnia. The elevated levels of THC in this strain also make it a popular choice for recreational smoking, which boasts a more creative and energetic high. My name is Lizzie, I’m a canna-woman, and I discovered Canndescent last year when I was on my way to buy flowers for my sister, who doesn’t like to smoke flower. As I was driving, I had the idea of making a “wake-up” weed “flavor” and, since I didn’t have any, I decided to try Canndescent, which is described as “a hybrid of Blue Dream and OG Kush.” And wow, do I ever recommend this strain! I bought a bag for my sister the very next day, and she said that it is the best “wake-up” she’s ever had.

What strain is calm?

Marijuana, more formally known as Cannabis, is a green plant that is widely grown and used for recreational, spiritual and medicinal purposes worldwide. In the U.S. it is classified as a Schedule I drug, or a drug with a high potential for abuse & addiction. The parts of the plant that contain most of the chemical compounds that are believed to be the most psychoactive are called the cannabinoids. There are over 100 known varieties of marijuana and they include: sativa, indica, ruderalis, and hybrid. Most of these varieties are bred to have higher levels of some of the cannabinoids called THC or CBD. Since the appearance of cannabis in 1930s, the most popular strains have been loud, energetic, and powerful. In fact, it was this characteristic that gave many people the impression that cannabis was only used by hippies and stoners. Despite the misconception, many varieties were developed to be calmer and more sedative, and today you can find strains that aren’t only used to treat anxiety, but are also used to treat insomnia, depression, pining, and even cancer.

How much does Canndescent cost?

Canndescent Calm #112 (Urbn Leaf) is a flower, but it is also a new product. It is a $60 pre-roll that contains twenty-five mg of  sativa flower and is sold in a 4.5″x3.5″ glass jar. For those of you who do not know, pre-rolls are usually made from all-natural flower, and are usually made to be vaporized. Most people know what Canndescent is, but many don’t know the brand is owned by Altria. Recently, Canndescent became the nation’s first cannabis brand to be featured in a national ad campaign for a major tobacco company, Altria. Since Altria owns other brands like Marlboro, they have been slowly integrating marijuana into their advertising. In the commercial, Canndescent replaces the Marlboro Man character in the Marlboro Campaign, which was later recreated.

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