As cannabis becomes more legalized, the demand for retail displays has increased. This is due to the need for stores to show off their products in a way that doesn’t make them look like they are selling drugs. Retailers are now turning to digital displays and interactive kiosks to meet this growing demand.

The dispensary display ideas is a blog post about how to create an attractive and functional cannabis dispensary.



Customer Reactions

I just went over the in-house exhibits, and I must say, they are really stunning. Material and design work of the highest caliber. You guys went above and above on this job, and you even delivered them on schedule. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you We will undoubtedly return as consumers.

Dadirri Extracts, Ashley

I can’t thank you enough for finishing these Cookies monoliths in time for the exhibition and at such a high standard!

– CannaCraft’s Justin

I just wanted to let you know that the displays are fantastic. Thank you, as well as the Bud Bar Display crew!

3Win Corp’s Danielle

The new counters turned out well.

– Northstar Collective’s Jeremy

We adore the Towers, and we’d want to bring some more into production as soon as possible.

– CannaRite’s Steve

Our dispensary sceneries would be complete without your Pods and Showcase displays.

Disjointed – Netflix Series – Carmen

When it comes to POP displays, you guys at Bud Bar are the most professional, imaginative, and cutting-edge. Simply the finest, whether in-store or at a trade fair. Over the last several years, we’ve only worked with you, and every contact has been flawless. A big thank you to the crew for their ongoing hard work.

– LolaLola’s Mike G.

I was extremely happy with the end product and the design collaboration. Also, excellent quality!

SENSI Luxury, Jane

Our dispensary makeover was a huge success thanks to your displays.

– Luke, Holistic Health Consultant

We are grateful for the exceptional customer service you have given to us at Green Jar!

Wasilla, Alaska – Ashley

I just wanted to let you know that my new screens are fantastic, and the bud display box I bought almost seven years ago still looks brand new 🙂 You guys did a fantastic job! I’m really looking forward to seeing the Bud Girl preroll display!

– Cannafornia’s Miss Nikki

The concentrate display case is a cannabis accessory that allows users to show off their product. They come in different sizes and shapes, and can be made of glass or acrylic.

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