Last week I wanted a snack that was low in carbs and high in fat so I made some butter nugg cookies. I baked them with 1.5 T of butter and 1.5 T of coconut oil and added half a cup of sugar. I made a batch of thirty cookies. They turned out great!

Butter Nugg Cookies from DCBudHub is a blog written by the team at who have decided to spread the DCBH love to the internet with a blog that shares their recipes. You can expect to see everything from DCBH recipes like Butter Nugg Cookies, THC Chocolate Chip Cookies, DCBH Nut Butter Bars, etc. to weekly marijuana news. The DCBH team can be contacted at [email protected]

I made a batch of butter nugs and decided to post them for you all to enjoy. Our friends at DCBudHub have a great blog that is full of helpful info about the cannabis plant and their products. Thanks to DCBudHub, I now know that I can bake butter nugs into cookies instead of eating them raw.

I just discovered a great new delivery brand called DCBudHub and I wanted to tell you about it right away! DCBudHub is doing something I’ve wanted to do for a long time: providing cannabis gifts from some of the great event brands whose reviews you’ve seen on this site. There are smoke blends from Khaos Confections, premium flowers and extracts from District Connoisseurs, treats from District Dabbers, Rolling Stoned Inc. and last but not least, Butter Nugg Cookies. Butter Nugg has been in the Washington, D.C. scene since day one. I literally remember meeting her at a booth at the cannabis festival at the Mayflower last spring, which kicked off Wild, Wild East’s 71 initiative. His master could finally see what all the fuss was about. Mainly because I was getting a little nauseous and the cough was unpleasant, so I decided to eat my medicine. Ugh. Too much beer, too many cigarettes in Vegas, and too many of those biting cough and runny nose machines that some of you complain about were running around on my plane. Blarg. Butter Nug Cookies is a simple and very well executed concept. It starts with a simple sugar cookie, dyed green (of course) and sprinkled with coarse sugar on top. But that’s not all. Nugg oil is one of the few brands I know of that lists all the ingredients on the package. Very professional! Where it works surprisingly well is when cooking with butter and resin – in this case, a wedding cake. Each cookie contains a dose of 75 mg. I have two. I ate two on an almost empty stomach (this virus ruins my appetite) around 8:30pm hoping they would work, you all know how tolerant I am. word-image-11010 An hour passes, and nothing. Another half and I’m ready to give up hope, so I take my Oatmega bar as I recover in bed. Five minutes after I’m done, I get up to feed the nicotine beast, and then it immediately hits. Severe headache, but the dizziness lasted an hour, accompanied by an invigorating and energetic feeling of well-being. I hoped to sink into those dark, blissful waves of sleep, but the fire in my brain didn’t die down for several hours. word-image-11011 Life, huh? He appears out of nowhere, throws all your plans on the floor and beats you to a pulp until you call him sir. I also didn’t expect DCBudHub to pop up, but I was hoping that sooner or later it would link you, my anxious readers, to the many event-based giveaways I’ve been considering. Now that it’s here, all you have to do is follow DCBudHub on Instagram. Go ahead, my drooling sims, droolers, and don’t forget to get some butter cookies while you’re at it.My daughter was briefly sick last week, and couldn’t get out of bed to get some delicious, homemade cookies. And there I was, stuck in the house all day with her, so I decided to make some cookies! We were craving a butter nugg cookie, so I made some and smeared it with melted butter and topped it with some chocolate chips, and I was so happy when she came home happy and loved them!. Read more about cannabutter cookies youtube and let us know what you think.

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