Chances are, if you are reading this, you’ve heard about Blue Dream. It is renowned for its euphoric, uplifting effects, which are thought to be comparable to the classic sativa strain. However, many users prefer the more balanced, evenly balanced effects of a hybrid. While the strain is unique in this hybrid, Platinum Kush is equally unique. The plant has large flowers with a resinous coating, and the buds are coated in a white, sticky resin.

These strains are well known for their heavy level of Blue Dream and their smooth, treacly head, with Platinum Kush playing a supporting role to keep the heavy-hitter under control. Blue Dream is a favorite of hybrids because it gives Hybrids the depth of a pure sativa, while still being an energetic sativa hybrid. This is evidenced by the strains characteristics of the Blue Dream parent, which gives the hybrid a heady and cerebral high.

Blue Dream x Platinum Kush flower is a potent hybrid of the most popular strains: Blue Dream and Platinum Kush. Blue Dream x Platinum Kush is a true hybrid, crossing the two best known and most powerful indica strains (Blue Dream and Platinum Kush).

The last expensive delivery to catch your gentleman’s attention is the Canamelo.  Their goal is to deliver candy to neighborhood doors with an even sweeter gift: cannabis. I had the chance to try out some of their new colors, and I’m sure you will be as pleased as I am with their latest offering. Go to their website,, and see how easy it is to schedule a delivery. Making appointments is a fantastic innovation that is sure to calm down my busiest little beavers! word-image-2744 Transmission only (DC) pm : Weekdays from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m. Wednesdays closed Weekends from 12 p.m. to 11 p.m. Buying : Candy



Oh, hey. I usually go on a rant about slime monsters, dark elves and the like in this episode, but since this is the first review you’ll see, it’s a good opportunity to introduce yourself. I’m a gentleman. Hello! I lived in the DMV most of my life and smoked pot daily for 22 years. I was also a medical marijuana patient in Washington DC for over a year (I’m currently in an MMJ program in Maryland) and got involved in ganja tourism when recreational sales started in the west. I’ve been to every legal state except Alaska – I only go in the summer, I don’t want to end up like that guy in Into the Wild. When Initiative 71 passed, I started writing interesting reports on all the new brands selling marijuana. The page went viral, and I left Office Space for a stoner job I made up, which makes me a living Imagine Dragons song or something. You’re welcome, America.


So, let’s get to the intersection of Blue Dream and Canamelo! The other parent is Platinum Kush. The offspring have a fresh minty smell, are covered in trichomes and produce a strong physical high. Vigorous activity is beneficial. Excited by the warm weather, I grabbed my big old ball to make some free throws. The rust disappears with each throw, and my back gets better with each jump. These preparations are definitely intended to be administered during the day or in the early evening. While they don’t help with anxiety as much as I would like (which is typical of Blue Dream), they do give me a sense of calm that helps me sort out my anxious thoughts. Obligatory! word-image-7644


You’ll love Canamelo’s convenient appointment system and excellent I71 gift menu. Here you can see more pictures of the real flowers of Canamelo! Okay, okay, I hear the bell ringing, man, I’m out of here. One more thing! You must subscribe to my weekly newsletter. It’s a way to stay on top of the latest news, major headlines, or just to have my voice in your head. Do I look like Morgan Freeman? Or like that Monopoly guy? I’ll post a poll later.

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word-image-7645 PUBLISHED!Blue Dream is a sativa dominant hybrid with a THC content of over 20%. Its aroma is very sweet, fruity, and floral (the traditional blueberry and grape flavors). Blue Dream has a high THC content and is becoming a common choice for those who like products with intense, euphoric effects.. Read more about pictures of platinum kush and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does Platinum Kush come from?

If you want to know where the Platinum Kush plant comes from, then the answer is from a breeder. There are many breeders who specialise in selling high-quality marijuana seeds, and other marijuana-related products. Breeders are a good source for high-quality seeds, and are often involved in breeding the plants they sell. The breeder who sells Platinum Kush seeds also sells White Widow seeds, which can be used to grow White Widow plants. To find out more about how Platinum Kush grows, as well as the effects of the high from the Platinum Kush seeds, read the White Widow review. A few years ago, Thai crossbred seeds were discovered by the K2 Shop and introduced to the masses. These Thai-crossed seeds took off like a rocket, and became the most popular strain available.

Is Platinum Kush top shelf?

Being a fan of the Blue Dream strain, I always wanted to try it out, but never had the opportunity to till recently. While at the Canamelo Cannabis Cup, I was able to get my hands on their Blue Dream x Platinum Kush. This strain was created by crossing Blue Dream with the Platinum OG X Mendo Purps strain. I have to say, I am really pleased and think this is a pretty good strain. Not too long ago, we received a package of Blue Dream from Canamelo. The flowers were in beautiful shape, and we had high hopes for the buds. However, when we broke them down for curing, we were a little disappointed. The buds were nice and sticky, and the smoke was excellent; but they felt a little airy, and the high was, well, underwhelming. We were hoping to be blown away by the Blue Dream, but were left wanting more.

Is gentleman Toker legit?

Gentleman Toker is a distributor of high quality flowers and concentrates from a reputable grower in Maine. Until recently, he had no affiliation with any recreational marijuana clubs or events. However, he recently decided to create a website to inform the public about products available to help them achieve their goals. He hopes to help people find products that meet their needs and goals. I’ve known about the Gentleman Toker for a long time, but I’ve never heard anyone describe their experience with it. I asked my friend “Lizzie” if she had tried and she said yes. “Its supposed to be a pure indica-dominant hybrid with a sativa-dominant phenotype. The sativa to indica ratio is fairly high, I’d say about 60/40. The high is fairly strong, but not so much that you get couch-locked. It’s pretty clear-headed, but not so much that you’re not still able to enjoy conversation. The indica component is very strong, but here it’s much more relaxing than heavy on the couch. Definitely a great strain for those who

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