Billionaire Charles Koch will likely bank close to $100 million this year in order to shift public laws away from cannabis prohibition, according to The Trace . As the nation’s largest donor to public policy groups, Koch and his network of organizations have been a major force behind efforts for legalizing marijuana, including in the US. In January, the Koch political network announced it was granting $3 million in grants to organizations seeking to end cannabis prohibition nationwide.

Billionaire Charles Koch, the second richest man in the U.S. after Bill Gates, will invest an unprecedented $30 million to fund lobbying efforts to legalize marijuana nationwide. Koch Industries, one of the largest privately held companies in the country, is committed to helping shape public policy around marijuana, the company said in a statement Wednesday. The Marijuana Policy Project, one of the leading organizations pushing to legalize recreational pot, announced the news.

Billionaire Charles Koch will soon become the biggest donor to the legalization of marijuana, according to the Washington Post. In a recent interview, the Koch brother claimed that marijuana should be legalized nationwide. Koch told the Post that “it’s a mistake to classify marijuana as one of the most dangerous drugs.”. Read more about federal legalization bill 2021 and let us know what you think.

Koch’s willingness to utilize his money and vast network of political and corporate leaders to support marijuana, whatever his motivation, is surely a sign that the cannabis movement is about to achieve major progress.

Money has been the one thing the marijuana legalization campaign has lacked all along. Sure, the industry’s founders had to beg, borrow, and scrape together a large sum of money to make the business of producing and selling cannabis seem to be a legitimate component of American commerce. However, while growing to be a multibillion-dollar industry over the last decade, it has lacked the financial resources needed to sway legislators — the green to get things done.

It might be claimed that the cannabis industry’s inability to pay off the cases filed on Capitol Hill is the primary reason why the leaf has yet to be legalized on a national basis.

Congress May Be Forced To Consider Nationwide Marijuana Legalization Now That 68% Of Population Supports It

All of that, though, seems to be changing. The cannabis business now has the clout, authority, and, perhaps most crucially, the cash to persuade anti-pot lawmakers on both sides of the aisle to listen. Charles Koch, a millionaire, recently come out in favor of federal marijuana legalization.

In an interview with Forbes, Koch Industries’ 85-year-old CEO said that he is not only supporting attempts to legalize marijuana, but that he is also donating $25 million of his own money to the cause. According to the news source, the real sum of these much-needed lobbying expenditures will be closer to $70 million over the next two years.

Koch, the creator of Americans for Prosperity and the Cannabis Freedom Alliance, thinks that individuals should be able to make their own decisions. “[Prohibition] is a waste of time. It devastates people’s lives, causes social strife, and is anti-progress. The entire thing was a jumble to me.”

It’s not supernatural why Koch, now a libertarian, is suddenly interested in marijuana legalization. Last year, the tycoon alleged that after years of dumping millions into conservative politics, he was turning his attention to more important issues like poverty, gang violence, homelessness, addiction, and recidivism, according to an interview in the Wall Street Journal. Furthermore, in his book Believe in People: Bottom-Up Solutions for a Top-Down World, Koch confessed to being disappointed with himself for supporting the divisiveness of partisan politics.

“Woah, did we make a blunder!” he penned “What a disaster!” exclaims the narrator.

Legalizing marijuana may help Koch achieve some of his newfound goals. Thousands of new employment will be created, the economy will benefit, the marijuana industry will be removed from the streets, and otherwise law-abiding people will avoid going to prison.

illinois pot offenders how to get your marijuana offense wiped clean

We’ve already seen this on a small scale in states that have altered their marijuana regulations. Prohibition’s collapse would also benefit his business, Koch Industries, which has a strong presence in the agriculture sector. Koch’s willingness to utilize his money and vast network of political and corporate leaders to support marijuana, whatever his motivation, is surely a sign that the cannabis movement is about to achieve major progress.

Koch’s participation, according to Noa Kahner, founder of Kahner Global, one of North America’s top investment conferences, will result in major changes. “This is just another example of mainstream society and politicians putting aside old, made-up issues with marijuana in favor of legalization. “You’re going to witness another market boom,” she said.

On Capitol Hill, marijuana legalization is finally receiving some much-needed attention. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer presented a proposal last month to repeal the federal ban on marijuana, which is currently open for public comment. To move a marijuana measure in the Senate, Schumer needs 60 votes, which he now lacks. However, it might be claimed that Koch’s clout and lobbying resources could persuade Democrats and Republicans who are undecided about whether or not to support him.

“[The Koch brothers] appear to be focused on the right of individuals to consume something that is much less dangerous than other legal products like alcohol and tobacco, and they appear to acknowledge the failure of the war on drugs in that regard,” said David N. Feldman, Partner Hiller PC and Skip Intro Advisors. “This is one of a series of recent events that provide Republicans with greater “cover” to support legalization.”

Surprisingly, by abandoning conservative politics in favor of full-throttle marijuana legalization, Koch has unintentionally made Fox News less of a foe. The Koch Brothers’ money, which was previously used to help conservatives by hiring hosts of prominent Fox news shows to appear at Americans for Prosperity events, will now be used to advance federal marijuana legalization.

In terms of Fox News, it has recently offered a more fair discussion on cannabis than in the past. We use the word “better” because it would be so far from the truth to claim Fox News now has a well-balanced marijuana storyline. After all, the presenters of a recent edition of “Fox and Friends” attributed the increase in shootings in Washington DC on marijuana-induced insanity. Geraldo Rivera, on the other hand, just utilized the platform to advocate for the legalization of “any type of marijuana you want” “everywhere in every part of this country.”

Koch is optimistic that his involvement in the cannabis industry will result in national legalization by the end of 2021.

We’ll have to wait and see.

The billionaire Koch brothers, David and Charles, are at the forefront of the fight to legalize marijuana in the United States. At least, that’s the claim we’re hearing from the Koch brothers’ brain trust in Washington, D.C., and beyond.  They claim that the drug could be a powerful tool in the war on poverty by creating jobs and boosting the economy. And, they claim, more research is needed to determine proper dosage and dosage forms. They have hired a lobbyist to push for the legalization of marijuana to help reduce prison overcrowding, increase tax revenue, and to ultimately expand the reach of the drug’s use.  If it succeeds, they claim, prisons will be more humane, drug addiction will decrease, and prisons. Read more about more act 2021 and let us know what you think.

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