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Best of GT- ACCUVAPE | Hi there guys, it’s me, Lizzie. Lizzie’s CBD oil is amazing. I have been taking her oils for a long time now and I love it. I’m not a medical professional or a pharmacist but I know that it works. There has been a lot of research into CBD oil and I work in customer service so I’ve watched many others take her CBD oil. I’ve seen the difference in my patients and I know it works. I’m posting this on my blog because I want everyone to try my oil. I know it will work for you.

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Okay, that’s on the list because I love that fucking statue, man. It’s so raw! I don’t know what to do: live with it or challenge it, but either way, the NMWA injunction means I can’t get within 500 yards of the site. Are we not all martyrs of our art, I ask you? Sigh. At least I still have my photos. And my cute little variable voltage AccuVape, ready for the cart I’m currently testing in Cali, trying to forget the memories of El Gato and what could have been behind me. But hey, if it lands on my doormat while I’m out of town with an alibi, how am I supposed to know the museum didn’t give it to me and the card is missing? That sounds plausible. I met AccuVape in Vegas at Marijuana BizCon a few weeks ago and couldn’t pass up the opportunity to see the first buttonless, voltage-controlled stick battery, their V-Stick AV (priced at $24.95 on the AccuVape website. Nice!) At first glance, it looks like any other sleek vape battery (except for the round bottom), but a closer look reveals superior technology made even more elegant by its simplicity. The best part of the vape battery is, of course, the adventure. After years of resigning myself to smoking dull flowers at home for fear that some Ned would alert the authorities, vape technology now allows me to smoke dope on the go, so I went to the National Museum of Women in Art. I wanted to go to Magnetic Fields, a special exhibition of abstract art by black artists, because of course I wanted to see the black dragon from advertising. But first, let’s talk about why the AccuVape V-Stick AV is thinner than the average smart. It doesn’t have a button, which means you can’t accidentally turn it on in your pocket or bag – you have to make a motion to turn the battery on. The voltage can be adjusted to handle juices of different viscosity. A typical voltage regulated battery uses a complicated sequence of button presses, first to turn it on, then to change the voltage, but half the time I turn it off again. The AccuVape V-Stick AV is simply a button on the bottom that you set to the desired voltage. Good. And because it can be difficult to see the settings on the fly, the colored indicator above the button shows you what voltage you’re using. Via USB it is fully charged in fifteen minutes, but even if you only have five, you can use it for a few hours. Finally, these slim, pen-shaped batteries don’t require a lithium-ion power source, so you don’t have to worry about maintenance. That’s good news for me, because I’m sloppy with my stuff and I don’t want to give Karma an easy chance to blow me up. Let them hit a moving target, baby! word-image-18461 I took a dozen puffs of this Jetty’s Extracts Indica vape cartridge I bought at Joint Delivery Co. while on my way to the museum. It has good power, but I wanted to dedicate myself to the art for a while and I wanted to make sure I was fully healed. I had never been to Women in the Arts before, and it was very fancy. The painted portraits of historical women were unremarkable, but on my way to the Magnetic Fields exhibition (which, by the way, runs until January 21), I found a series of photographs that caught my attention, titled 100 Little Deaths by Janaina Tshape. On the six works in the NWMA, a young brunette lay face down. They looked like crime scene photos, but stripped of blood, as if their hearts had just surrendered, their faces hidden. I wanted to stay to decipher these visual riddles, but since I was the only young man walking around the establishment, I figured people would get goosebumps if I kept looking at dead girls. word-image-18462 I cannot get rid of the feeling of violence in these images, when in fact there is no violence. So I headed to the Black Veil Dragon and came across many impressive pieces along the way, but none attracted me as much as this sculpture. Rough and slimy, this midnight homunculus was striking in its appearance. It’s a film about violence and anger, and when I talked to another visitor about it, she said that some of her friends found the film very disturbing. I do not. I was struck by the terrible beauty of this monster, this thinking beast, this guilt dug into dark places and transformed into matter and weapons. Maybe I’m projecting a bit, because it’s called El Gato – The Cat, by Chakaya Booker. It doesn’t matter. I want it. No. I want a bigger one. 150 Fuß hoch durch die Stadt zu fahren, Schwaden der Zerstörung und des Grauens zu hinterlassen und die Korruption dieser Stadt bis in ihre Grundfesten zu zerreißen, word-image-18463 word-image-18464 I need an alibi in case something happens to this thing. That’s great. I’m fine. I was a little excited. Besides El Gato, there were a lot of other things that were really cool too, check out the rest of my photos below! If you want to go on your own worry-free vape adventure, head over to the AccuVape site to get your own V-Stick AV – and wholesale prices are available if you’re one of the many I-71 brands that read my site and want to make their vape cartridge donors even happier with a great, affordable battery this holiday season. And don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter to receive new photos of monster cats and more! word-image-18465 Harlem Flag by Abigail Deville word-image-18466 Victoria’s Secret by Robin Kahn word-image-18467 From Winter to Spring 4 Deborah Dancy word-image-18468 Sylvia Snowden word-image-18469 Annika von Hauswolf, nameless word-image-18470 La Llamada (call) Remedios VaroThis is my personal blog where I will post little bit of myself. I will post news about myself and my life. I will also post recipes and healthy lifestyle tips. I will post about my products. I will also talk about all topics about cannabis, and things that are related to it.. Read more about dry herb vaporizer and let us know what you think.

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