As Attorney General Jeff Sessions cracks down on marijuana, many investors are worrying that the United States is on its way to becoming a cannabis-free nation. This is a huge overreaction to Sessions’ words. It is true that the attorney general has taken a very strong stance against the legalization of medical and recreational marijuana, but this is the same man that doesn’t believe smoking marijuana is harmful. The truth is that Jeff Sessions cannot put an end to the cannabis industry. Here’s why:

Stocks that are focused on both medical and recreational cannabis are among the hottest things in the market right now. In a time where the economy is booming, investors want a piece of the pie, and marijuana stocks are giving them that opportunity. With the industry seeing annual growth rates of 30%, it’s no wonder why many investors are trying to get in on the action by investing in the best cannabis stocks.

As the legalization of marijuana continues to spread from state to state, it’s no surprise that the number of cannabis stocks is increasing. If you’re thinking of investing in marijuana stocks, you’ll want to look for a company that is growing rapidly, has a great reputation, and a proven business model. Here are some of the top cannabis stocks to buy.


This is , a medical cannabis brokerage. There is a reasonable chance that this business will produce good returns for its investors, as the risks are spread across multiple tenants. This model is attractive to all customers. An investment in this company will provide investors with a decent return. MariMed is a household name for medical marijuana. This company generally has a good reputation on the stock market and is pretty reliable when it comes to investing. She has a pretty good knowledge of the marijuana industry, which is another perk. You should seriously consider investing in this company as it has a huge potential to offer returns to its investors.


This company has built a solid reputation in the medical and recreational marijuana business. Without a doubt, this company can be a good option for anyone considering making money investing in penny stocks. Recently, this company has made huge gains in the stock market, making it a top choice among investors to place their funds.


This company recently suffered a loss of and is only considered a good choice for those who can take risks. The reason for this is that the medical marijuana industry will always be speculative, and if this company’s drugs become a success, there are prospects that investors can profit from their investment in this company. Nevertheless, investing in this company will not prove entirely futile , as it begins to gain recognition for its work in the medical field .


The company’s formulas are manufactured using its patented Accordian Pill technology. Its cannabis-based products for treating certain health problems like stomach pain, back pain, etc., has gained quite a popularity, making it a valid choice to invest money in .


This company has certified drugs, many of which are also approved by the FDA. This makes it a suitable choice for investors who want to put their money in the shares of this company. He identifies his specimens from hair samples . The biggest success of this business is that it is consistently profitable. This business should be kept in mind when making investments. that has an FDA-approved drug is definitely a good investment choice. Marinol, an FDA-approved drug, is used primarily to reduce nausea in patients undergoing chemotherapy and to improve appetite loss in AIDS patients. Investors should be interested in this solid growth company as it has the potential to offer good returns to its investors. To date, these are some of the best companies to invest in this area of medical marijuana stocks . You can make the right decisions to make a productive move.Marijuana stocks have been red hot in recent years. Many people believe that California will soon legalize marijuana in all 50 states. There are also lots of positive developments in Canada, where Shoppers Drug Mart will start selling medical marijuana in 2017. The law firm Vicente Sederberg LLC expects that marijuana will be legalized nationally by 2020. If you’re interested in investing in the cannabis industry, it’s important to understand the risks and potential rewards. The companies listed below are some of the top medical marijuana stocks in the industry today.. Read more about top marijuanas penny stocks 2018 and let us know what you think.

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