The Bank of America has passed a resolution to refrain from investing in companies that make it easy for people to buy marijuana. This move is likely part of the bank’s long-term plan, as they have recently shown interest in expanding their blockchain service into other areas like gaming and technology.

The “i-96 accident yesterday” is a story about a car accident that took place on the i-96 in Michigan. The driver of the vehicle was charged with marijuana possession.

BAS Board Passes Anti-Pot Dispensary Resolution



The Brighton Board of Education overwhelmingly endorsed a resolution Monday night requesting that local governing bodies restrict the establishment of a marijuana dispensary inside their borders. The city of Brighton, as well as the adjacent towns of Genoa Twp., Green Oak Twp., Hamburg Twp., and Brighton Twp., are included. With Board Vice President Alicia Reid missing, the resolution was officially adopted by a vote of 6-0.

The resolution encourages the elected authorities of the local governments involved to “help safeguard our pupils from the harmful repercussions of marijuana by forbidding marijuana enterprises in their jurisdictions,” all of which are partly or totally inside the Brighton Area Schools’ borders. The resolution claims that legalizing marijuana stores in a town “results in greater kid access and conveys a message to children that marijuana is a harmless substance,” citing a court decision.

The resolution also cites research showing that marijuana potency “has grown dramatically over the previous decades,” and that its use “has a deleterious impact on the growing adolescent brain, decreasing the capacity to learn…and is closely linked to academic underperformance.” The resolution goes on to say that marijuana is addictive, causes “significantly higher drug infractions at school,” and may deepen despair as well as cause “severe mental health difficulties.”

On October 2nd, the Brighton City Council convened a retreat to consider the implications of allowing a marijuana dispensary to open in the city, and almost everyone who spoke spoke out against allowing such a company to open in Brighton, especially in the downtown area. Jerry Millen of Hartland Twp. acquired the old Rolison PRO Hardware at 111 West Main St. and announced his intention to transform it into a marijuana shop some months ago.

Millen did make a comment to WHMI regarding the resolution, however he has not yet contacted the city with a formal proposal. With “all due respect to the Brighton school board,” he said that he had to disagree with some of the material they were conveying. “The instances they provide on medicinal marijuana usage reflect an unjustified prejudice against its use,” Millen said. “First and foremost, as a parent, my primary objective is to keep cannabis out of the hands of children and to teach them about the risks it poses to their growing minds.” He then offered to personally give anybody “who would want to be educated on cannabis and its advantages, and to witness for themselves precisely what it is we do” a tour of his business in downtown Walled Lake.

Millen then went on to say, “Education is crucial, and individuals making these choices need to know more about cannabis and the state-licensed retailers that sell it. This resolution was approved without enough investigation. Searching the internet isn’t the solution. Hundreds of cancer patients, pensioners, and parents of children suffering from some form of disease find solace using cannabis at our business, the Greenhouse of Walled Lake. Many of these individuals have been advised by their physicians to try cannabis instead of deadly and addictive opiates, and have done so.”

Millen also said “By a margin of 56 percent, the Brighton community approved the selling of marijuana in Michigan. I’d like to extend an invitation to the Brighton school board to contact me and learn more about what we do. A genuine complete choice cannot be made without knowledge and a thorough grasp of what a cannabis company entails.”

Commissioners looked at various locations inside the city borders where recreational marijuana establishments may be placed during a City Planning Commission hearing on October 18th. At the meeting, Planning Commissioners had various maps with school zones underlined. They voiced a strong preference for such facilities to be located outside of the main business sector, as well as away from churches, parks, and childcare institutions.

The Planning Commission was ordered during the retreat to return the material it gathered to the council with a proposal and to draft parameters for a future ordinance within 60 days. The city council also asked municipal lawyers to look at developing a license and application procedure for such a company. The only restrictions imposed by the state are that such facilities cannot be built in residential zones or within 1,000 feet of a K-12 school unless the municipality passes an ordinance decreasing the distance.  

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The “whmi” is a resolution that the Boston Association of Substance Abuse Professionals has passed. It will allow for marijuana dispensaries to be open in areas where they are not currently allowed.

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