Arizona has just become the first state to legalize marijuana on a scale that rivals Colorado, with $1.6 billion in sales by 2021. The new law allows adults 21 and over to purchase cannabis legally at dispensaries without limitations or restrictions on potency, terpene profiles or dosing levels of THC-A (the psychoactive compound found only in flowers).

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Arizona Adult-Use Marijuana Market

Adult-use cannabis sales began in Arizona in January 2021, while medicinal cannabis sales have been authorized since 2012. A new analysis from Headset examines several sales indicators in the Arizona cannabis industry, including month-over-month growth, marijuana category trends, and price information.

Marijuana Sales in Arizona

Between January and September 2021, Arizona sold $1.6 billion in cannabis (medical and adult-use), $175 million more than Colorado.

Arizona Cannabis Sales

Sales of marijuana in Arizona

With a market share of 10%, concentrates have a considerable market share in Arizona compared to other US markets. While Flower is the most popular product, its market share has been declining, while Vapor Pens and Pre-Rolls have grown in popularity. When we look at pricing patterns, we see a significant drop in Flower’s average item pricing (AIP) from January to September (-21%), suggesting an oversupply of goods in the category or maybe a price adjustment to fit customer expectations. In comparison, during the previous nine months, AIP for Vapor Pen goods has increased by 7%.

Cannabis Category Arizona

Important Points to Remember

  • Arizona produced $1.6 billion recreational cannabis sales from January to September 2021. (medical and adult-use combined).
  • Arizona continues to see remarkable year-over-year growth, with sales up 110 percent in September.
  • Despite the fact that flower is the most popular item in Arizona, its market share has declined from 52.6 percent in January to 44.9 percent in September. From January to September, Vapor Pens grew their market share from 21% to 25%, while Pre-Rolls climbed from 5% to 9%.
  • Concentrates have a 10% market share in Arizona, compared to 6.8% in Illinois and 6.8% in Michigan (7.1 percent ). This might be owing to the fact that Arizona still has a large medical industry, since concentrates are known to have medicinal uses.
  • Flower’s average item pricing (AIP) fell sharply (-21%) from January to September, suggesting an oversupply of goods in the category or maybe a price adjustment to fit customer expectations. This contrasts with a 7% growth in AIP for Vapor Pen goods during the previous nine months.; Gage Skidmore/Flickr CC2.0 Modified

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