In Arkansas, the State Board of Election proposed a series of amendments to their constitution in 2019. They include banning cannabis-related felonies and poll taxes, as well as prohibiting paid lobbyists for drugs or alcohol at state level lotteries. The amendment was signed by Steve Womack on June 18th 2018 with an expected vote set later this year.

The “arkansas 2022 ballot measures” is a newly proposed initiative for cannabis reform that would allow the cultivation, possession and sale of marijuana. The initiative is scheduled to be on the Arkansas ballot in 2022.

Arkansas Has Newly Proposed 2022 Ballot Initiatives for Cannabis Reform

With a new group of activists working to place a reform proposal on the state’s ballot in 2022, the movement to legalize cannabis in Arkansas has picked up steam like never before.

Arkansans for Marijuana Reform filed the newest legalization initiative with the secretary of state’s office on Thursday, Nov. 4. Campaign Director Melissa Fults told Marijuana Moment in an interview:

“This is the proper course of action. It’s a great middle-of-the-road bargain, in my opinion. I believe it will benefit customers, the industry, and those who don’t want to be consumers but are worried about [the market] becoming the Wild West.”

If the campaign is placed on the ballot in 2022 and passed, state citizens would be allowed to legally consume and purchase recreational cannabis in Arkansas by February 2023. Arkansans for Marijuana Reform must gather more than 89,000 signatures on a petition and have their ballot title approved by the state’s election commission before this can happen.

Arkansas’ Initiative to Legalize Marijuana

The measure seeks to legalize the consumption of 2 ounces of cannabis concentrates and 4 ounces of cannabis flower, as well as the cultivation of six mature plants and six seedlings for personal use, according to the legal language contained in Arkansans for Marijuana Reform’s proposed constitutional amendment.

The state’s Department of Finance and Administration would be in charge of program regulation, as well as issuing cannabis company licenses to successful applicants. According to the proposed guidelines, one license should be provided for every 15,000 citizens, and no person may have more than one dispensary or cultivation license.


Furthermore, courts would be required to exempt those who have previously been convicted of cannabis-related offenses such as possession of six plants or sales of up to 16 ounces. However, the courts would retain some discretion in determining which types of convictions would be eligible for expungement and/or restoration of voting rights.

Other Campaigns’ Support

All hope is not lost if Arkansans for Marijuana Reform loses in their quest to legalize adult-use cannabis throughout the state. Eddie Armstrong, the former minority leader of the Arkansas House of Representatives, is leading a cannabis legalization campaign that aims to put a competitive item on the state’s ballot in 2022.

The Democrat, who left government two years ago, is now the president of the newly formed advocacy organization Responsible Growth Arkansas. The organization will “fight for the adoption of an amendment to the Arkansas Constitution to legalize the controlled sale of adult-use cannabis in the state,” according to an official statement. However, no concrete specifics have been provided.

Furthermore, a distinct group of activists linked with Arkansas True Grass is currently gathering signatures for a ballot measure in 2022 that would create a system of controlled sales for individuals aged 21 and older. By June 2022, the organization needs 89,101 signatures.

The Arkansas Recreational Marijuana Amendment of 2022, which they submitted, would allow state citizens to buy up to 4 ounces of marijuana and grow up to 12 plants for personal usage. Individual towns would be given the right to stop commercial cannabis enterprises from operating in their area if the group’s plan is adopted and a majority vote is authorized through a public referendum.

Although a cannabis tax rate has yet to be determined, the team has verified that 50% of tax money would go to K-12 education and after-school activities, 40% will go to University of Arkansas cancer research/studies into medical cannabis, and 10% will go to the state general budget. True Grass spokesperson Jesse Raphael stated, “This is going to enhance tax revenue across the state.” “While the firms may not receive a direct gain from it, they will experience an indirect advantage.”

True Grass and Arkansans for Marijuana Reform both failed to get legalization issues on the ballot in last year’s election, mostly because the coronavirus outbreak hindered signature collection for both campaigns. Meanwhile, campaigners in South Dakota, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Ohio, Florida, New Hampshire, Maryland, Missouri, Idaho, North Dakota, and Wyoming are working to legalize adult-use cannabis throughout the country.


Bethan Rose is a cannabis activist, writer, and nomad who has no fixed address. She is now located in Bali and can typically be found on her hammock collecting cannabis material.

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Arkansas has newly proposed 2022 ballot initiatives for cannabis reform. The initiatives would legalize the use of marijuana for personal use and establish a tax-and-regulate system for commercial production, sale and possession. Reference: what is legal in arkansas.

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