Alaskan Made Online is a wholesale cannabis service that takes the hassle out of finding and buying quality marijuana. And as if this wasn’t enough, they also offer “cannabis concierges” to help people find their ideal strain and other advice for first-time users.

The “alaska cannabist magazine” is an interview with Alaskan Made Online Cannabis Wholesale Service. The company was founded in 2014 and now has a portfolio of more than 20 brands.



Dear Cannabis Industry in Alaska, You are fantastic, and I adore you!

In the last few years, you’ve come a long way. Retailers were handwriting what was in stock on boards five birthdays ago, while new growers and laboratories were learning out how to operate. Anyone over the age of 21 may now use their phone to find out what cannabis products are accessible in their area. Thanks to you, Alaska has clearly made significant progress in developing an industry that we can be proud of.

While we smoke Northern Lights from the Tundra Herb Co., I interview Gary Burton, the founder and proprietor of America’s Marijuana Farmers Market.

Northern Lights was the first strain I ever smoked while marijuana was still illegal. It brings me great excitement that Alaska Cannabis Company produces this strain and that we can all legally use it! These blossoms have an earthy scent and a beautiful appearance. Each nug has a nice quantity of frost and is well-trimmed. When crushed, they have a soft density yet remain hard. It has a pleasant burn that likes to remain lit and is easy to grind. Expect a mellow, earthy smoke with a little fruity sweet undertone. The overall THC in this batch is 17.00%, with terpenes at 1.53 percent.

Three hits of this strain is my ideal moderation point for feeling calmer and experiencing minor pain relief without being stoned. It’s enough to be productive. I was stoned by the end of the first bowl. My breathing slowed to a crawl as I became more calm. I appreciated the wonderful body high as well as the increased hunger it provided. I appreciate that I was able to think clearly during the whole process. Thoughts were sluggish, but they didn’t wander off in all directions as they usually did. When performing your favorite pastime, I suggest smoking this strain.

Today is the first time we’ve ever had a visitor! Gary Burton joins us for a strain evaluation and tells us everything about the Marijuana Farmers Market in America (AMFM). He developed a new internet platform for cannabis wholesale. I ask him a few questions about AMFM, and then we learn more about Gary. I truly like this notion and feel compelled to share it with you! It’s a one-stop shop where merchants can conveniently order all of their cannabis items and sellers can sell them for a ridiculously low price! It’s like paying $50 a month to rent a booth at a Farmers Market! 

Are there any questions you’d want to ask Gary?

We don’t often see the work put in behind the scenes as customers. From cultivations, extractions, and infusions to locating shops, handling orders, and statewide transportation, the cannabis industry has a lot to offer. We appreciate the results of your labor of love, and after personally reviewing over 225 Alaskan-grown strains, I’d want to express my gratitude!!! I wish there were a way for me to communicate my thanks other than via words and films exhibiting your items. I’d like to share something with you all that will make discovering a wholesale cannabis market a bit simpler for you.

I just discovered America’s Marijuana Farmers Market, or A-MFM for short, a new Alaskan-owned cannabis company. Gary Burton established a website to make the wholesale procedure simpler for the cannabis business and at a reasonable price.

Yes, you may utilize LeafLink, which is a well-known service. However, you will be spending much more money each month than is necessary. A-MFM provides comparable services at a fraction of the cost! Instead of $300 every month, you’ll just have to pay $50! Plus, shops are welcome to join for free!

It is a more convenient approach to buy wholesale cannabis goods, in addition to saving money for your company. Instead of contacting and searching all around the state, merchants may use the online tool to obtain purchases from suppliers. Every account on their platform is an operational legal cannabis company in good standing, and vendors have a lot of choice over who they sell to.  

Isn’t it true that Alaskans support the state? A-MFM is based in Alaska and intends to stay there. They want to reinvest their revenues in our community by supporting cannabis education, organizations, and the economic development of our state. As an Alaskan, I would rather that the money spent on the cannabis sector benefit our state rather than a few Silicon Valley billionaires. 

I must tell you that the A-MFM website is not yet home to hundreds of thousands of stores and suppliers. This summer, it went live for the first time. More cannabis firms joining up will make it work. Especially those owned by Alaskans! A-MFM will become a major player in the internet wholesale cannabis market with the help of this state’s cannabis business. 

Now, I’m thinking you’ve had a few questions regarding A-MFM and its proprietors at this point. On my Toke Talk Alaska episode, I video interviewed Gary Burton so you can see for yourself what his company is all about and what type of guy he is. Here are some of the questions I posed, along with some of the responses:


What exactly is A-MFM?

“It’s a business-to-business wholesale sourcing platform.” Growers offer their product to manufacturers and dispensaries via this channel. This is how dispensaries provide it to consumers. As a result, we simplified the procedure for them.”

Is cannabis the only product you cover?

“At this time, we’re solely dealing with cannabis.” But, in the next weeks, we’ll have CBD, as well as everything else related to cannabis, such as pipes, rolling papers, trays, fertilizers, lights, pots, and hydroponic equipment. All of this is part of the cannabis business, but we often overlook it and focus just on the THC, the enjoyable part! You think about the bottle and the procedure that went into it when you go to the liquor shop. Cannabis is the same way. We like eating it but are unconcerned about the resources used to produce it. We (A-MFM) didn’t do it.”

Why did you start A-MFM in the first place?

“I was working at a dispensary, learning the ropes as a budtender when COVID struck! I had previously worked in a totally other industry, and when my shop was closed due to the fact that we were not a necessary company, I needed a way to support myself. I worked for the dispensary and eventually rose to the position of manager. While speaking with the proprietors, I began to learn about the challenges of operating a dispensary on a daily basis. In Alaska, there are almost 250 cultivations. Could you image having to go through 250 emails? Because they’ll send you one at least once a week to keep you up to date on their items. So, this email is two days old, is it still accessible when you try to order? When I saw it at the dispensary, I thought to myself, “There has to be a better way.” As a result, I went out and built one.”

What are the advantages of adopting A-MFM instead of major rivals like LeafLink?

“My mind process is that Alaskans understand Alaskans, and if you’re not from up here, you’re not going to understand how we do things… We want to make sure you get the items you need and don’t be charged for the ones you don’t. We provide Wall Street features at Main Street prices. We provide you everything that everyone else is attempting to give you, but at a minimum of an 82 percent discount. Our monthly pricing target for each vendor is $49.99. The merchants get it for free… The next most affordable rival is $300.” 

How long have you been operational?

“Our official launch date was June 29th. The platform’s development began in October of last year.”

Will you continue to do business in Alaska as an Alaskan-owned company that provides services to other states?

“Absolutely! I’m in Alaska for a reason; I like it. I chop wood for the winter since I’m an outdoorsman and it’s something I like doing. Yes, I’ll be up here, and the business will be up here as well.”

What will your organization do if you succeed in becoming a huge corporation?

“I suppose the ultimate objective is to flourish and grow into a huge corporation.” The ultimate purpose, though, is to raise awareness as we become bigger and contribute back into the community. The community supports us, they watch us, they do what they do, and they help us succeed. They are the sole reason we are here. Sure, we put in long hours, but it doesn’t matter if you aren’t accepted. So we’re grateful to have been admitted, and we want to repay the favor… I’d want to fund a number of community-related activities for children in order to promote Earth Day and community unity.”

So you’re talking about donating to charities, community activities, and other comparable causes?

“This includes marijuana and cannabinoid studies.” What it can do for us and how we may take it farther. All of this makes me want to return the favor. My ambition has never been to become famous or wealthy. I attempt to demonstrate this with the $49.99 price tag… The idea is to use a large portion of the income to provide grants to small enterprises. Sponsorships may also be done on the platform to assist in the establishment of a company.”

What can a shop hope to get out of the site?

“An extended cart save… We’ll bring in all of those wholesalers stated before so you can purchase goods like printer paper, printer ink, marijuana tubes, and so on. We want everything in one place.”

What should merchants anticipate from your website?

“We’ve lowered our prices and don’t demand contracts.” For our suppliers, success is everything. We provide clients with opportunities to advertise themselves on our platform, such as ad space and featured items. It’s included so they can keep track of their orders. They can see what their best-selling item is, as well as who their most loyal customers are. We’re geared up to notify you which states purchase the most of your goods if federal legalization is repealed. We’ve also gone through your item with you and given you other options for selling it. I blended the notion of traditional retail purchase, where you buy anything straight away, with an auction mechanism. So retailers submit an offer (bid), and the seller has two options: let it run for the duration of the auction, or accept the bid right now. They may also prevent shops from selling their products. So, in the instance of Alaska, if you don’t want to deal with a certain place that is only accessible by plane, you may avoid it. Perhaps you’re a tiny business with no method to distribute your goods to those hard-to-reach areas.”

It was a lot of fun interviewing Gary, and I hope I covered all of your questions. Please do not hesitate to contact him if you have any more questions! He’s a fantastic individual that is really simple to communicate with.

Please know that I adore Alaska and its cannabis sector. I want to see you succeed in creating something magnificent that will help to grow our beautiful state. With so many family-owned businesses and dispensaries leading the way, it’s past time to reward their efforts and wallets. Try out A-MFM and contribute to its development so that it can better serve you. 

I’ll always let you know if something in our field comes up that will be beneficial to you!

Alaskan Leaf is an online cannabis wholesale service. They provide the best quality cannabis to dispensaries and consumers in Alaska. The owners of Alaskan Leaf, give us a glimpse into their company and how it works. Reference: alaskan leaf.

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