It’s common knowledge that cannabis is the most commonly used illicit drug in America. The data from recent surveys shows the number of Americans using marijuana continues to rise and it has become a mainstream pastime for adults across all demographics. With this surge, many people are turning away from alcohol over the holidays as they see how much better their life would be with access to weed instead. People who want to ease into sobriety should consider giving up booze too so they can enjoy holiday festivities without worrying about getting bombed or feeling like shit when sobering back up again after a night out on cocktails.

The “when was alcohol invented” is a question that many Americans are asking themselves this holiday season. The answer to the question is that alcohol was created in 10th century China, and it wasn’t until the 16th century that wine became popular.

Americans Ditching Alcohol for Cannabis Over the Holidays

Along with the holidays come the all-too-familiar strains of the season, and according to a new CBD Oracle poll, Americans are altering how they deal with the festive turmoil. Many Americans are foregoing their drinks in favor of joints this year, thanks to the wave of cannabis legalization sweeping the nation.

CBD Oracle polled 2,000 cannabis consumers throughout the nation to see how their holiday consumption patterns were evolving. Nearly 70% of those asked indicated they expected to use cannabis during the holidays, with 65 percent indicating it would replace most, if not all, of their alcohol use.


Furthermore, 48% of respondents claimed that smoking would help them feel more at ease discussing tough issues with their family, such as politics. Take a look at how cannabis is bringing families closer together! In fact, 47 percent of those asked stated they would be willing to come together with their families and smoke together.   

While this is all positive news, the survey also revealed some negative results. For example, 49% claimed they would drive when inebriated, and 13% said they would drive drunk and inebriated. This should be reason for worry, since statistics indicate that in jurisdictions where cannabis is legal, the incidence of vehicle accidents resulting in injury rises by 6%. Though some of these occurrences have been linked to the combining of cannabis and alcohol, inebriated driving is always dangerous and should be avoided.

While Veriheal recommends a high-alcohol holiday, be sure to stay off the roads afterward. From our family to yours, we wish you a happy holiday season.


Gary Miller is an actor, writer, director, comedian, and businessman. Gary, a Veriheal Media Curator, was born and raised in Denver, Colorado.

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