The following is a compilation of statistics and other information gathered from sources that have been cited in several news articles, reports, and/or statements. These sources include: New England States: Connecticut, Vermont, Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and Maine have legalized marijuana.

Back in 2008, when the concept of legalization was still new, the governors of Maine and Massachusetts signed executive orders to ban and criminalize the possession and sale of recreational cannabis. A year ago, on November 6, the voters of Connecticut legalized the sale of recreational marijuana. Now, four years later, Maine and Massachusetts have ceased their attempts to prohibit the plant, leaving just two New England states that ban marijuana.

Connecticut has become the sixth state in the nation to legalize marijuana for recreational use, which is set to go into effect as of January 2018. With these details and other states to legalize cannabis in the future, cannabis should become a more widely accepted drug in society. However, cannabis remains illegal in several states across New England.. Read more about decriminalized vs legal and let us know what you think.

After Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont signed the recreational marijuana legalization bill into law on Tuesday, attention now turns to Rhode Island and New Hampshire, the last New England states still hesitant about legalizing marijuana.

Some marijuana advocates told ABC News it’s only a matter of time before both states join their neighbors, given the millions of dollars in additional marijuana revenue and calls for criminal justice reform by their constituents.

I think the pressure will be felt because there are still bans in the Northeast, DeVaughn Ward, senior legislative advisor for the nonprofit group Marijuana Policy Project, told ABC News.

While the vote on Rhode Island’s legalization bill is heating up after it passed the Senate, advocates on the ground in New Hampshire told ABC News that their state needs more work.

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Still, marijuana advocates say Connecticut’s victory has greased the wheels in their favor.

On Tuesday, Connecticut became the 19th state. State legalizes recreational marijuana for adults over 21.

According to Connecticut law, enacted on 1. Once the July law takes effect, residents over 21 will be allowed to possess and use marijuana, and sales are expected to begin in the state next year once the state develops its regulatory policies. Under the new policy, previous registrations of small amounts of cannabis will be removed.

Revenue from the substance sales tax, expected to exceed $100 million annually, will go to the Social Equity and Innovation Fund, which will be used to develop a diverse cannabis industry and reinvest in affected communities, reports the Marijuana Policy Project.

According to Ward, Connecticut’s law was passed after years of lobbying and changing the minds of state lawmakers about drug laws. He said the success of the legalization movement in neighboring New Jersey and New York last year played the biggest role.

You can’t cross state lines with different cannabis laws, he said. It would have been too complicated and would have hurt Connecticut’s economy.

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States where marijuana use is legal

Ward said the Connecticut law prompted the Rhode Island legislature to introduce a bill to legalize recreational use. The Rhode Island State Senate on Tuesday night approved its version of a bill that would allow consumption for adults over 21 and impose a 20 percent tax.

However, the version of the bill introduced by the Rhode Island House of Representatives will not be voted on until next week’s session, as legislators and Rhode Island Governor Dan McKee disagree on a technical detail of the legislation. The bill calls for an independent cannabis control board to regulate sales, but the governor told reporters Tuesday that he wants the state Department of Business Regulation to regulate sales.

Rhode Island House Speaker C. Joseph Shekarchi told ABC News, however, that the House could hold a special session in the summer or fall to consider the bill.

We will take the time to ensure that all proposals are thoroughly vetted and are in the best interest of Rhode Island, he said in a statement.

Despite the governor’s comments, Ward predicted that there will be a domino effect from the success of border states in regulating cannabis this year.

Local advocates of marijuana legalization in New Hampshire claim that the state’s conservative legislature and Governor Chris Sununu’s fierce opposition to legalization will make it difficult to join their neighbors.

Connecticut isn’t doing enough for New Hampshire because we have someone holding it back, Daryl Eames, founder of the New Hampshire Cannabis Association, a consumer protection group, told ABC News.

Representatives from Governor Sununu’s office did not immediately respond to ABC News’ request for comment.

Eames said an attempt to pass a recreational marijuana bill in 2019 failed to overcome a veto-proof majority in the Senate. Arguments about the loss of tax revenue and, more importantly, the loss of trade from neighboring states did not convince the most conservative members of the government, Eames said.

It’s just something that’s not in their short-term plans, he said.

Political obstacles don’t stop Eames and state leaders from supporting legalization. He noted that more and more lawmakers on both sides of the aisle have formed cannabis caucuses and support legalization efforts.

New Hampshire State Representative Timothy Egan, who chairs the House Democratic Caucus, told ABC News that cannabis legalization is critical to the state’s future after the pandemic.

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New Hampshire prides itself on its independent spirit and proclaims the state motto: Live free or die. Legal access to adult-use cannabis, which is grown and sold in New Hampshire without significant government oversight, is not just a right to start a business, it is a consideration of personal cannabis cultivation and possession as a civil right, he said in a statement.

Eames predicted that if other states in the country continue to legalize marijuana and, more importantly, if the federal government begins to discuss changing the schedule for the substance, the state’s governor and House of Representatives will have no choice but to reconsider.

Of course, it’s frustrating that we may be the only state in the region not offering this service, but it’s more a matter of when than if, he said.

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