Want to learn more about us and why we do what we do? 

The story of Lizzie’s CBD began in Summer 2018, when Lara Brash and Ben Bleier first met and almost immediately realised that they both shared similar interests, one of which is an keen interest in the green industry and more specifically CBD and it’s many uses. The recent legalisation of the substance in the UK allowed them to sit together and actually create a vision for a brand that was everything current CBD companies didn’t have. Their focus on quality, purity, ethicality and affordability informed the design process of everything that Lizzie’s CBD stands for today.

Without cutting corners where it matters, we’ve cut out the middlemen, importers, cornerstores, advertising & account managers and everyone else that only adds to the bill. Our business model means that we always look for low-impact methodologies when considering the design process for a product. We import our raw materials from the best suppliers worldwide and then proceed to handmake our products in our kitchens in London. Ourselves.

We have big hearts & even bigger plans. For one, we never use animal testing and will not work with suppliers that do. We’re also aware of our environmental impact and constantly look for ways to improve. Additionally, we’ve got exciting projects in the pipeline to give back to those that need it most. Soon more on that…