This guide is written out of my own experiences and from the experiences of many who have come to me with questions about purchasing their first piece of marijuana. This guide will cover all the different types of pieces available of marijuana, how to select the proper piece for your needs, and how to make the best decision about what type of piece you want for your own personal preferences.

How will you decide which piece to buy? Well, that is a question that has many answers. Everyone has a different idea of what they want and how much they think they can afford. Some people would like to buy an expensive piece that has a lot of THC, but is still very small. Other people will like to buy a cheaper piece that has more THC, but is a bit larger. Then there are people who would like to keep it simple and just buy a piece that has a high percentage of THC and is very small.

If you’re thinking about smoking marijuana for the first time, you may be asking yourself, “What’s the best way to buy my first marijuana smoking piece?” Your first step is to decide where you’ll be purchasing the marijuana. If you aren’t sure where to go, try your local head shop or ask a friend. You can also check online for websites that sell marijuana, such as the one I’ll be referring to below.

It’s a huge thing to purchase your first marijuana smoking item. It’s the point at which you tell yourself that you’re going to stick to your marijuana habit. You won’t have to rely on your stoner friend’s whims once you have a pipe, bong, or other piece of equipment, which is a big step forward.

Regardless matter how excited you are about the idea of purchasing a charming elephant-shaped pipe, you must first do some research. What exactly are you searching for? Is it something low-key or something designed to provide a high-end experience? Here are some pointers to assist you in finding what you’re searching for:


marijuana pipePixabay photo by SharonMcCutcheon

Any marijuana enthusiast’s most basic tool is a pipe. They are often less expensive and simpler to operate, making them more appealing to buy. You won’t have to worry about legalization since you can get a good one in any local smoke shop throughout the nation.

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These pipes are usually constructed of glass, wood, or metal, and despite their many forms, they are usually portable and simple to use. Because the design is so simple, there are no water portions to smooth out the drag. If it is one of your top objectives, you should probably look at other possibilities.


How Often Should You Change Your Bong Water?vladans/Getty Images photo

If you are uninterested in pipes or already have one, then bongs are the next logical step. These devices are larger and much less discreet but they’re more luxurious. Of course, there are still shitty bongs, but the fact that you’re smoking from a larger piece means that the smoke will travel further and that the hit won’t be as harsh as one taken from a pipe. These pieces are more expensive than pipes but, when purchased correctly, allow for modification and have a longer shelf life. Just don’t drop it.

Bongs may be constructed out of practically any material, but glass or scientific glass, which is more durable, is the best choice. After you’ve finished with it, you may concentrate on colors and forms.

Dab rig contributed this image to wikimedia Commons.

In virtually every aspect, dab rigs vary from bongs. You’ll be breathing a concentrate rather than smoking flower. Instead of igniting the bowl when you’re ready to smoke, you’ll need to heat the nail beforehand before putting the concentrate in.

A Beginner’s Guide To Purchasing A Dab Rig

Dab rigs are smaller versions of bongs, and they’re occasionally offered in parts. You’ll need a rig, a nail, a dabber tool, and a torch before you start dabbing. If you’re purchasing anything online, double-check that you have everything you need.

It’s a good idea to visit a store where you can ask all of your questions if you’re purchasing your first rig. Because these gadgets contain so many parts, the store may provide unique bundles or even suggest excellent brands and models.

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