This company is trading at $6.41 per share, but it’s not your typical marijuana stock. It’s a cannabis-based technology firm that has the potential to be one of the most disruptive companies in the sector.

The cron seeking alpha is a stock that’s worth paying attention to. It has been recently trading at $6.41 and it has a lot of potential for growth.


Cronos’ stock seems to be on the rise.

In general, marijuana stocks have fallen from their all-time highs earlier this year. Financial news sources, predictably, aren’t talking about these tickers as often as they used to.

But that’s precisely why now may be a good moment to refocus on the industry. While there isn’t as much buzz about marijuana stocks as there once was, many businesses are nonetheless growing at a rapid pace.

Consider Cronos Group Inc (NASDAQ:CRON) as an example.

Cronos is a cannabis firm with a vertically integrated business model based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The business has been developing a worldwide network of collaborations, manufacturing, and distribution spanning five continents since 2012.

Cronos isn’t the most valuable marijuana stock, with a market value of $2.4 billion. However, it is a well-known brand in the business. The company’s goods are sold in all of Canada’s provinces.

In 2013, Health Canada awarded its fully owned Canadian licensed producer Peace Naturals Project the first non-incumbent medicinal cannabis license. Cronos Fermentation, a fully owned subsidiary of Cronos, was granted a processing license by Health Canada in April 2021. (Source: Cronos Group Inc, “Investor Presentation,” May 7, 2021.)

Cronos has been developing a worldwide network, as previously stated. Through its subsidiary Redwood Holding Group, LLC, the business produces, markets, and distributes hemp-derived supplements and cosmetics in the United States.

Cronos Group Inc, on the other hand, has joint ventures in Israel and Columbia, as well as distribution deals in Europe and Australia.

Altria Group Inc. (NYSE:MO) made a $1.8 billion strategic investment in Cronos in March 2019, which generated news in the marijuana industry. Altria, one of the world’s biggest tobacco manufacturers and marketers, acquired a 45 percent share in Cronos as part of the deal.

The acquisition was excellent news for CRON stock investors because of Altria’s expertise in brand and product development in highly regulated countries, as well as its financial ability and wherewithal.

Cronos Group Inc is also listed on the Nasdaq, while many marijuana equities, including some well-known ones, are still traded over the counter in the United States. Having one’s stock listed on a major American stock exchange may provide greater exposure, liquidity, and a bigger investor base.

Cronos stock is traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange in its native nation of Canada. On both markets, the company’s ticker symbol is “CRON.”

Stock Chart for Cronos Group Inc (NASDAQ:CRON)

641-Pot-Stock-Deserves-Attention provided the chart.

CRON stock has returned to Earth after soaring to the moon earlier this year, as seen in the chart above. Cronos stock is now trading at roughly the same level as it was before the initial public offering (IPO) in November.

Cronos Group Inc, on the other hand, has risen in the last year.

According to the company’s most recent financial report, net sales in the second quarter of 2021 was $15.6 million. This is a 58 percent rise over the previous year. (Cronos Group Inc, August 6, 2021, “Cronos Group Reports 2021 Second Quarter Results.”)

The company’s revenue in the United States increased by 2% year over year, while sales in the Rest of the World increased by 74%.

Cronos’ revenue growth in the United States does not seem to be as spectacular as it is abroad. However, the firm has a few more tricks in its sleeve.

Cronos made a strategic investment in PharmaCann Inc., a prominent vertically integrated marijuana business in the United States, on June 14. (Cronos Group Inc, June 14, 2021, “Cronos Group Announces Strategic Investment in PharmaCann, a Leading U.S. Cannabis Company.”)

PharmaCann has a large presence in the United States. It operates 24 dispensaries in New York, Illinois, Ohio, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts, with six manufacturing facilities.

For about $110.4 million, a fully owned subsidiary of Cronos Group Inc acquired an option to buy around a 10.5 percent ownership interest in PharmaCann. Cronos and PharmaCann will engage into commercial agreements after the execution of the option, allowing each firm to sell its goods via the distribution channels of the other.

Kurt Schmidt, Cronos’ president and chief executive officer, stated, “We were drawn to PharmaCann as an investment due of their disciplined capital deployment, excellent track-record, and attractive licensed manufacturing and retail presence.” Ibid.) (Source: Ibid.)

Expert Opinion

Pot stocks may seem to be out of favor right now, but considering Cronos Group Inc’s development and future ambitions, CRON stock—which prices at only $6.41 per share—could be a smart buy.

The cronos news update is a company that could be worth your attention. It has the potential to make you a lot of money if it goes up in price.

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