Cannabis and caffeine are two of the most popular mind-altering drugs today. What is more, these substances have a long history as social lubricants in some cultures. With that said, many people wonder if it’s safe to mix cannabis and caffeine together while others occasionally do it anyway. Here are 5 things you should know before mixing cannabis with coffee or consuming both at the same time.,

The “edibles meaning” is a compound that can be ingested in many different ways. The most common way of ingesting edibles is by eating them, but it can also be taken as a drink or vaporized. There are a lot of benefits to combining cannabis and caffeine.

5 Things You Should Know When Mixing Cannabis And Caffeine

Marijuana and caffeine are two drugs to which individuals have developed strong attachments. They help many of us be more productive by making our lives simpler and more manageable. Many businesses are now attempting to mix the two.

Even before marijuana was widely accepted, marijuana users experimented with combining the two parts, putting weed in oil or butter and mixing it with their coffee, refining combinations that produced an entirely new high.

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More study is needed to understand how these two ingredients interact, but anecdotal evidence suggests that combining the two produces a unique high, one that adds additional layers to marijuana’s impact. Here’s what we know about caffeine and marijuana, as well as the effects they have on the body when consumed together.

Caffeine may lengthen the duration of your euphoria.

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One of the few studies on cannabis and caffeine that has been done on monkeys found that those that were given MSX-3 (a substance that has a comparable impact to caffeine) in addition to THC were less willing to consume additional cannabis. This shows that caffeine’s effects might extend the “high” experience, causing monkeys to seek out fewer stimuli.

Both substances raise dopamine levels.

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Caffeine and marijuana both raised dopamine levels in people who ingested them, according to a 2017 research. When these two drugs are combined, this surge is amplified, resulting in a tremendous pleasure and an entirely different sensation than when they are eaten individually.

They have the ability to raise your heart rate.

Should You Mix CBD With Your Morning Coffee?

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Caffeine and marijuana both raise your heart rate, so be cautious when combining the two, particularly if you’re someone who’s heart rate rises or can’t sleep after drinking more than two cups of coffee each day. Choose brands and strains that don’t contain too much caffeine or THC while combining coffee with cannabis to avoid as much pain as possible.

You may feel tense and irritable.

CBD Is Safe And Harmless, Right? Not Always

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Caffeine is a stimulant, whereas marijuana is a depressant. Despite this, the effects of marijuana and caffeine do not cancel each other out, according to Live Science. Unlike the effect coffee plays in sobering up someone who is intoxicated, drinking coffee when high would only intensify that feeling.

Always be cautious.


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It’s crucial, like with everything cannabis-related, to discover a caffeine and THC combination that works for you. If you want to test the coffee and marijuana combo, make a cup and drink it first thing in the morning, particularly on a day when you don’t have any meetings or deadlines. Start slowly and pay attention to how you feel during the day.

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