With the flu season coming to a close, now is the perfect time for some healthy tips about how to share marijuana responsibly.
1) Use clean hands! When you’re smoking weed or vaping it with others, make sure your fingers are squeaky clean before touching anything else. 2) Avoid sharing joints and pipes: Instead of passing out any old bong or joint that’s laying around, try one from someone who took their health seriously by keeping theirs in good shape. 3) Don’t overdo it: Share only what you need; don’t worry about getting too high after just 1-2 hits 4) Keep an eye on each other while using cannabis edibles

The “other words for weed” is a topic that has been on the minds of cannabis consumers. There are many ways to safely share weed during flu season, so be sure to take precautions.

4 Tips For Safely Sharing Weed During Flu Season

For millions of Americans, surviving the pandemic without catching COVID just to acquire the flu is a nightmare as flu season approaches. The danger of getting the virus is significantly greater for marijuana users eager to resume their old habits of sharing dope to their buddies.

Unfortunately, spreading bongs and blunts around is still dangerous. There are, however, methods to exchange cannabis without spreading diseases. Here are some ideas for you.

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Edibles Sharing

Baking and distributing edibles with pals might be a terrific alternative to conventional means of sharing cannabis with friends. There are a variety of edible dishes that are simple to prepare and tasty. Making edibles might be a fun way to meet up with friends and enjoy each other’s company before getting yourself cooked. It’s an additional plus that sharing edibles is probably the greatest way to enjoy cannabis together without making each other ill.

Personal Paraphernalia Could Be Considered

It’s no secret that sharing pipes, bongs, and bubblers allows germs to spread quickly. That’s why, even while smoking with friends, it’s probably best to stick to personal pieces during flu season. Fortunately, many of the parts are transportable. This approach is especially entertaining when everyone brings their own strain to the party, since it enables each individual to experience a new strain while still utilizing their favorite piece. Furthermore, smoking marijuana through pipes allows the weed to last a little longer than rolling it, resulting in longer and more enjoyable sessions with your friends!

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Using Personal Devices to Vape

Personal vaporizers, like personal paraphernalia, might be a good alternative to sharing around the same bong or blunt. Many vaporizers on the market now have 2-in-1 capabilities, allowing users to use them with both concentrates and dried herbs. This enables you to get together with friends and experience the effects that both concentrates and dry herb marijuana have to offer without the fear of contracting the flu or other infectious diseases. Another advantage of utilizing vaporizers instead of a bong or a blunt is that they may produce a different high, allowing users to get a greater flavor of the strain they’re smoking.

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Taking Part in a Double-Crutch Joint

Nothing beats a puff from a tightly rolled joint on occasion. It’s tough to share a joint with friends without risking spreading a virus or cold, but that’s where understanding how to roll a double-crutch joint comes in useful. It’s easy to roll one. All you have to do is wrap one up as you usually would, then cut it in half. Simply hand the other half to anyone you’re smoking with, and you’ll be sharing the same joint in no time! Smoking a double-crutch joint is the best method to share the joy of a joint with a buddy without sharing the danger of becoming ill, even if it takes some getting used to.

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