Despite the fact that marijuana is gaining in popularity, more and more companies are failing to create a healthy, productive work environment for their employees. Due to this, these companies are losing money and may even be fined by the government. We agree with this, and have created this article to help prevent companies from making the same mistakes other businesses have made.

One of the most under-discussed topics among cannabis companies is how to build a strong culture within your organization. Although the industry does not have strong historical precedent, there are three key components that successful cannabis companies must embrace.

Culture is an important but often overlooked piece of the brand extension puzzle. But culture is not something you can create and then leave behind. You have to nurture it, get the support of your team and commit to developing it.

When people talk about corporate culture, they usually picture a team coming together to create a company. However, what many people don’t know is that corporate culture can be changed and strengthened at any stage of a company’s development. Like other vital business functions, culture can deteriorate or spiral out of control for a variety of reasons. For example in the case of a company takeover or an office relocation – and more recently in the case of a global crisis with innumerable consequences.

In our case, Unity Rd was recently acquired, resulting in a merger of the teams, with each of us working remotely. The merger required us to come together, rebuild and develop a new culture – tailored to our new team – to continue our rapid growth across the country. Whether creating a new culture or strengthening or changing an existing one, here are some key tips to get any team started.

1. Building a solid foundation together

Without a solid foundation, no structure can be built and continue to grow. We call our foundations the pillars of our culture. The key to building a solid and successful foundation is to build as a team. No one wants you to tell them what to believe, but rather involve everyone in the process. Our team planned an organizational retreat dedicated solely to creating our culture. This process not only helped us grow closer together as a work family, but also made everyone feel important and involved in creating our culture. After all, it’s your employees who bring the culture to life every day, so it’s important that they believe in it as much as you do.

2. Include questions about culture in the recruitment process

Teams change over time – companies grow, people come and go – and it’s at these times that a strong culture is most needed. A clearly articulated culture brings teams together and should be present throughout the hiring process to ensure your team embraces and reinforces the culture. When recruiting and selecting employees, ask questions that lead to culturally appropriate answers, for example. B. recall a case where a difficult decision had to be made and explain how that decision was made and what the outcome was. These thought-provoking questions will help you and your team learn more about the candidate’s values and beliefs. Choose questions that don’t require the right answer so much as telling a personal or professional story. I have come to the conclusion that qualified people with proper training can be taught to do any task, but you cannot teach someone to have certain values, beliefs or characters.

3. Loop

It’s not enough to get support from the team – leaders must be a living example of the culture in action. This can take many forms, such as B. Structuring meetings based on a values recognition and performance measurement approach, or making business decisions through the lens of the underlying pillars. Work culture should be more than just words on the wall, it should drive your business and make your teams stronger, and nothing encourages its use more than showing how powerful it can be.

A strong company culture can be felt at all levels, first with your team, then with your customer. When done right, it has a positive and lasting impact on all who have the opportunity to experience it, resulting in a successful business that can survive changes such as expansion, global crises, etc.

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