What’s the point in smoking weed if you don’t know what to do? Here are 10 things not to do when you’re feeling high.

The “what to do before you get high” is a blog post that discusses 10 things people are doing wrong while smoking marijuana. The article includes tips on how to avoid these mistakes and make the most out of your experience.

10 Things You’re Doing Wrong While Smoking Marijuana

The most common and widely accessible method of taking marijuana, particularly for first-timers, is to smoke it. Even individuals who have smoked marijuana for a long time are astonished by the amount of disinformation they believe.

To assist you in achieving the high you want, we’ve compiled a list of the ten most prevalent smoking offenses. Make an effort to avoid making these errors.

1. Using a joint as if it were a cigar

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It’s against the rules to smoke a joint like a crime boss, with the smoke whirling within your mouth. You must inhale the smoke all the way down to your lungs for the medication to have an impact on you. There’s also the widespread assumption that the longer you keep the smoke in, the more powerful the impact. This isn’t true; you’ll simply feel lightheaded because your brain is running out of oxygen.

2. Giving it your best on the first attempt

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When it comes to their first few times getting high, marijuana users have a variety of experiences, with many of them becoming excessively high and paranoid. This occurs because it’s difficult to predict how you’ll feel the first time you smoke pot, leading to individuals overdoing it in attempt to become high. Slow down and let the THC do its work.

3. Not understanding how to utilize carbs

Bongs & Pipes: What's The Best Option For New Smokers? Grav’s photo is from of Unsplash.

That little hole on the side of your bong or pipe is your carb. As you fire it, you’re meant to cover it so that smoke gathers, then release it so that you may inhale. Carbs are often misunderstood, and they may be to blame for some people’s failure to get the most out of their cannabis.

While you don’t need to be an expert on strains and their components, understanding the fundamentals of the two most prevalent varieties of marijuana is essential. Indicas are mellower and have a physical effect on your body, leaving you calm and ready to rest on the sofa. Sativas are more intense and excite your brain, making them an excellent companion for partying and other busy activities. Indicas are a safer alternative for novices who are worried about obtaining a nasty high since they have a lower probability of making them paranoid.

4. Nervous breakdown

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If you get a panic attack, know that you have nothing to worry about if you merely smoked marijuana. The worry and paranoia will subside, and you’ll feel much better in an hour (at most). In the meanwhile, play with your pet, snooze, watch a TV, or watch some beautiful cat videos, and everything will be OK.

It’s also beneficial for first-timers to smoke around individuals they can trust, someone who can calm them down if they get agitated.

5. Improperly packing the basin

Marijuana Bongs Vs. Water Pipes: Interiorrain is a Flickr member who took this photo.

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The marijuana gods are giving you the stink eye if you’re slicing up your pot with scissors and then tossing the fragments into your bowl recklessly. Use a grinder or be very careful while cutting, preferably with your fingers. Fill your bowl or joint with the correct quantity of cannabis, leaving enough breathing area for the particles. Air should be allowed to flow in the bowl or joint, yet it should be tight. How do you break up your bud? Tear, cut, or grind?

6. Using an ineffective lighter

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Matches and hefty butane lighters can destroy the flavor and taste of your marijuana, as well as wreaking havoc on your lungs, so choose for a basic and dependable lighter. This little detail will have a significant impact on your whole experience.

7. Making a fire in the bowl

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At some point, we all fire up the middle of the bowl, mistakenly burning the whole batch of cannabis. While there won’t be a real fire, lighting up in the midst of the bowl destroys the bowl for everyone else and taints the marijuana taste. Curb your bowl by lighting the corners so that everyone has a turn and your marijuana lasts longer.

8. You have no idea what strain you’re smoking.

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While you may get away with it the first few of times you smoke pot, once you start purchasing your own, you should have a good understanding of what you’re getting yourself into. While the names Indica and Sativa are becoming more obsolete, they are still useful when chatting with budtenders and merchants. Before you go out and buy anything, think about what type of high you want. Do you want to be able to zone out or stay focused? All of these are worthwhile inquiries.

9. Inadequate marijuana storage

why adults with medical conditions use more marijuana Norman Posselt/Getty Images photo

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Marijuana must be kept in an airtight container in a dark, cool location. This will aid in the preservation of its flavor and impact. If you want to take it a step further, consider purchasing a humidor, which can address many of your cannabis storage issues. Here are eight methods for keeping marijuana fresh.

Coughing (nine)

How To Stop Coughing So Hard From Marijuana Smoke Cottonbro’s photo is from of Pexels.

Coughing and cannabis smoking are both shrouded in mystery. Some people believe that coughing indicates that you’re smoking high-quality marijuana or that you’re getting high. None of it is correct. Coughing is caused by the heat of the smoke you’re breathing, as well as discomfort to your throat and lungs. Here’s how to quit coughing so much while you’re high on marijuana.

11. Consumption of raw marijuana

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People will go to any length for a decent high, particularly if they are uninformed and just starting started with marijuana. Don’t be the person who eats marijuana leaves that are still raw. This will not work; cannabis must be cooked in order for the THC to be released.

12. Weed that is wasting its time

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Marijuana waste is simple to do with joints and bongs. Even if you and your buddies are not smoking, they continue to burn. Other ways of ingestion are more beneficial if you want to preserve cannabis. When ingesting alone, carbs, pipes, or one-hitters are more efficient. The finest of all is vaping, which lasts for a long time and delivers really powerful hits.

13. Failure to try out new things

marijuana edibles Getty Images/Moussa81/Moussa81/Moussa81/Moussa81/M

It’s easy to cling to what you know while trying out a new hobby, but doing so diminishes your chances of discovering something you like. Your pot experience will be good as long as you are cautious with your dose and the individuals you surround yourself with.

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